Johnathan Hodgson

Mark Zaretti James Lawrence
Johnathan. The ideas man. He's always 'on the jazz', with an ever ready grin and ability to find the silver lining in any situation. He "...just loves it when a ski tour comes together..." Howling mad Mark. Like Murdock, he has multiple, well, lets say 'aura's'. The Master of Disaster is always on the edge, but in this team, irreplaceable. The man who can fix anything. I said that he could spot weld using a Bic lighter on top of K2. I wasn't joking. He can. James is our Stockwell. The mystery man hiding his thoughts behind the dark glasses. Stockwell was always on hand to get the A-team out of holes when least expected, and sometimes set the tone for the missions. Mr. Lawrence's influence should not be underestimated.
Prakash Patel Kublai Hoare Jeremy Hodgson
A piste tough guy but the conditions have to be right for him to perform. Just as BA had issues ('I ain't getting in no plane fool!'), P. has mental concerns that require myself at times to goad him to do his best. Frankie Santana. Kublai Hoare. Experts in what they do, they're the true individuals in the team. They have the ability to step aside and give an objective critique on what's best. Or who's wrong. Or who's at fault for the mash. Jem tries to replicate Face's way with the ladies, with fluctuating success. No he doesn't con people out of stuff like Face does, he just takes it anyway, but where there is great similarity is whenever a fight is on: they both run and hide.

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