The King. Yes he's English, but when he steps off that Alitalia flight it's like he has the Duchy of Rome all tucked up as well. He's proud that he can stand on his extensive property and say he's 'The Daddy', and so he should be. It's not all sweetness and light though. John's confidence was up. Ours though went down when he said, "...I just want to fall. I want to take someone out. I needs to MASH!". Oh. my. god. We did our best to stay away.  If you've seen the Jon Voight film 'Runaway Train', you'll know what I mean. The movie is all about this convict who manages to get on an train that has no engineer and is careering through the Alaskan wilderness, ultimately to an apocalyptic finale. It's the only way I can view John on the slopes - a human juggernaut. He tried his best to destabilise any one of us when getting off the chairlift and his 'raspberries' still have no mercy. But we laughed as he set off to chase a piste basher down a slope, and at that point we all knew that the big man was back to his best. Long live the King.

It's tough at the top. John hasn't skied with as much abandon for awhile now, but he's back.

I must mention at this point, that we all think John is becoming just a tad forgetful. In Val 2005, he jumped on the coach and left France without his wallet. We drove off on one day without his super coat. How can you forget that? It's like a lighthouse. You don't miss it. He also left his rucksack at the x-ray machine in Heathrow. And to think that Kublai gets a hard time? His newly acquired poor track record has started to fall under our scrutiny - unluckily for him..........
Quiet storm. The pistes tremble when the King trundles by.
"Yeahhhh!!" His confidence was well up.
Hail to the Chief