Well, well, well. Mr. Lawrence came, saw and conquered. We have all known each other for many years but we looked forward to seeing how much James would enjoy our company. From what I can glean, he had a great time, and now is a fully paid-up member of the Hodgson crew (sorry Tom, you're sacked). Initially he wasn't a recipient of any group piss-taking then, little by little, it came his way. Nothing too obvious, only little cracks about his champagne fix for instance. Then we saw the day's footage. And Mark rubbed his hands with glee! James had the lion's share of the mashes! But apart from that we had to keep our powder dry. He doesn't give much away to us sharks. Sure Kublai's height and forgetfulness are easy targets. Prak's gaydar is right up there and so is Jem's lack of love. We all have our chinks. But mark my words, one day, we will find his!

His boarding progressed rapidly throughout the vacation and he took to the off-piste with no real concerns. Him and Mark drove each other to greater levels. I'm sure he had a great trip, because, with his presence as well, we certainly did.

Nothing to say. What a setup! The goggles, the skulls, the helmet. The helmet is a full audio one. Plug in your ipod and you're all set. The sonics are so good that everyone in the chairlift knows what you're listening to.

James has some lovely turns of phrase. Some of them had us in stitches and we've individually made pacts with ourselves not to repeat them! Naughty James.
James is like Jem: he gives good picture. The conditions weren't as good as in France for taking photos, but nevertheless, he has a commanding presence.
Hey! This can't be the same chap? Underneath all that menacing kit is this guy? Shocktroopers don't smile!
James claims he's short-sighted but he hacked his way through the foggy conditions pretty well.