This was the littleman's third skiing trip of the year, and like always he showed that he was just a touch better than all of us. He'd been off with Toni earlier in the year, but that didn't prevent him from offering up some of the funniest mashes we've seen yet. He was sporting a new watch at Heathrow. That joke of a timepiece was finally discarded in favour of something that wasn't going to be such an easy target for our humour.

Ok, the question always comes up. Who's the outright fastest? When comparing boarders and and skiers, I don't think it's fair. Jem is the quickest of the boarders but he'll lag a little behind a fast skier. So it's just the skiers then. John is a naturally large chap so he won't really factor in the equation. Sure if the slope was long enough, his momentum would blister all of us. But between Prakash and Kublai? If we use comparisons with F1 drivers, this is how I can see it. Kublai is Alain Prost. The Professor. A cold calculator who wasn't the outright fastest in a one-off, but in getting around a circuit, had no peers. He thought through the best lines to take before he took them. That's where his speed was. As for P.? He's more Nigel Mansell. A hard charger who was unbeatable when everything was in place, but if not, then back of the field you go, pal. If you take consistency into account, then Kubes wins hands down. But if you need that last roll of the dice, balls out for the pole position flying lap, you'd pitch in with Prakash. Is that fair?

Kublai can 'supercruise' on the slopes. He can maintain speed but do all the nice fancy manoeuvres without looking like he's breaking sweat.

James was the first to say it: he's got the whole Morrissey hairdo thing going on.
Oh the munchkin. He could do with a new jacket, couldn't he?
Kublai in hot pursuit mode.
John thought it might be fun to see how far the three of them could go skiing in a straight line. Kubes will try anything once.