The Silver Surfer. Jeremy was a real 'steady eddie' this time out. There were a couple of days when visibility was nigh on zero and whilst we were all affected, he was holding out for the sun. Hmmm. When it came to the heavy snowfall, Jem didn't like it up 'im this trip. If he wanted to he could have murdered these runs but Mark seemed to out-psyche him, and he cried off saying the conditions weren't great. Sure he's always quick but this time out he took some big hits and that pressed his freeze button. Nevermind, they were huge and they make our top ten! Good for us as we're normally the ones being laughed at....Jem was on fire in Val, but here in Italy stepped on the gas maybe once or twice. Curious.

He was quick on the draw this holiday when it came to the gags. He's a true velociraptor if you're showing any weakness. He mugged Mark up on the plane. He feigned ignorance of whether or not an Airbus carries parachutes. Poor old Mark. Once again, the book was placed on his knee, the fingers of both hands came together in a studious manner as the eyes narrowed. "Well.....". Set him up like a kipper. These two old sparring partners delivered much mirth over the four and a half days.

Jem and Prak. This was a great little run. We as a group must have done it tens of times. It was short but just right. It's no Folyeres, but it has it's own special charm. To it's right is a similar length off piste run that we all powered down.

Jem, just before the brow of a hill comes up, glides along, then when he's ready, drops the knees. It's his accelerator. He leaves me for dead if I'm not ready.
Yes Jem. You have been granted permission. Sleep tight.
No goggles. No sunglasses. Must have taken this shot after another face plant!
Getting the stance ready just prior to lighting the turbos.