Icons. The Jacket. That board. As a group, we do stand out. With Jem's red coat, James' goggles and helmet, we are easily identifiable. If you throw in Tom's roboski, Prak's crouch and Kublai's all round tardiness, we're quite a bunch.

Conquer - [right-click to download]. Compared to other trips the weather wasn't great. But we were determined to enjoy ourselves nevertheless. As you can see convoy skiing is back in vogue. After all the times we've been 'on tour' I've very rarely seen another bunch of guys on the slopes obviously jousting and weaving in and out of each other's grooves. Yes, we are what ski resorts and other slope users term, a menace. Whilst James has cameos in movies from the Val trips (check Speed, and The Trip) this marks his first full debut with the Hodgson crew. If you're enquiring, the music is by Captain Sensible. It's called 'Wot'. Ages ago, before Ladbroke Grove turned into the anesthetised ponce's paradise it is now, I'd be walking with my mum and see this nutter with red specs, bleach blond hair and some dodgy beret. Everyone seemed to know him. 'Mummmmm?' 'What?' 'Who's that crazy man?' 'That's Captain Sensible'. 'Oh'. True fact: My mum told me the other day that the Stone Roses still owed her money from '89. They absolutely ruined a lovely dining table. Crazy world.

Getting kitted up: this is normally when I'm at my most irritable as all can testify. I need to get going fast. It's all the little things that drive me nuts. Kublai: "Has anyone seen my helmet?" (that's after we've arrived at the resort!!). Jeremy, getting dressed in the car park, when we all did that at home an hour and half earlier. Aaaaarggghhh. We all get prepared in our own ways I suppose. Or don't.

The A-Team (TV Theme remix) [right-click to download] OR The A-Team (Chicago remix) [right-click to download]

There is no need to give this any sort of introduction. It's flat out slope mayhem. It's amazing to think of how many times we could have been hurt, yet we roll on. So here we have fresh new takeouts, mashes and head bouncing. I've minimised the chat and kept it as much to the action as possible. A quick rider: If you think some of these were bad, then the ones I missed were hall of famers. John GBH'd Prakash with the sort of move that you'd only see on an Italian motorway i.e. reckless. And as for Mark - the Zaretti - he managed to roll his body and board around a prone skier. Not really criminal as such, just a calamity. James took a dive that Ian Thorpe would be proud of. And lay there for 5 minutes. And then laid some more. Then rolled over very gently. Originally it was going to be set to 'Maple Leaf Rag' by Scott Joplin, then 'We Didn't Start The Fire' by Billy Joel. But I know people just want to see the mashes, so that meant the music had to be reduced in length. Hope you like it anyway. What I've done is do two versions. Mood dependent I suppose. I like them both equally. The TV Theme version marries up the crashes with the score that little bit better, but the Chicago version may be better for posterity.

Seeking a way through the mists

Duelling - [right-click to download] - When I'm talking to someone who hasn't been skiing before (at least not with their best friends) it's hard to describe how much it can be. Most of the time I'm at the back, watching the others doing their thing. Some stuff is great to capture: Jem's scything move into focus, 3/5ths through 'Speed'; John's barnstorming towards the camera when the bass starts in 'Conquer'; Kubes and P's ski-off during 'Top Gun' and the all round sheer electricity whenever Mark comes to play. Therefore to give James his moment, I've done another video which hopefully gives him more time on celluloid - albeit in .wmv format. We all pretty much listen to our tunes on the slopes and we all have different tastes. It can be hard to work out what may be the best music to accompany a short video, and I try to be agnostic. It's not easy, and I'm no pro. It's a hobby for me. Music: it's the last 1/3rd of 'Sorry' by Number One Fan. Don't know much about this band but they seem to end a lot of their songs with a lengthy rumbling instrumental. Welcome James.