From left to right: Mark, James, Kublai, Jeremy, Prakash, Martin, Johnathan, Anyasi

We pitched up at La Maison de Hodgson late on Friday and proceeded to fill our bellies before getting the necessary kip. Maria and family are wonderful hosts and genuinely seem nonplussed when us lot stay over. There was the obligatory fight over who would sleep where, though. It was all resolved when neither myself, Prak, Kublai, Jeremy would give way. Yep, the Nightwatchman (insomniac Mark) and the Gasman (John) proved willing bedfellows. Poor old James was desperately wondering where the nearest five star hotel was, just in case!


The old Scirocco in it's final resting place. As Mark was correct in saying, 'We all have great memories of this car......'
The boys.


The King and his Castle. John, looking obviously ready for the day's skiing ahead........


Caught in the act: Mark and P caught fiddling with John's pride and joy.


Transformers: P. gets ready for 'Ski Reputation Rehab'........


Tivoli. Our kingdom for a cash machine.


'Want to come and say that to my face dwarf?' - Midget vs Munchkin. Kubes ready to scrap with some kid about who has the shortest salopettes.


Jem kips wherever he can. He can sleep on fivepence if that was all that was available. He's in a happy place. Probably a world where he's the only bloke on a desert island filled with all the girls he never normally gets to talk to.