Prak is always grinning. He grins in his sleep (I don't know that, I've heard). He was still grinning when faced with total disaster. He'd ploughed off the side of the piste and had gone into thigh high snow. His skis came off. Anyone who's had this happen to them knows what a dire moment it is (look below). And he just grinned. I carried on down to the chairlift. I went up the chairlift. I came down the slope and he was still there fiddling around trying to find this one errant ski. John avalanched over to him and dug away. We all pitched in (expect the munchkin who just pelted us with snowballs) and then John found it! The look on his face didn't change. He was still grinning.

Poor old P., was also the target for John's truly atrocious full contact skiing style. Once a static Prakash was met by John ploughing along at 25-30 mph. Huge crash. John says that I bounce well. If that's the case then you have to recalibrate your measurements as Prak just doesn't stay down.

However, Prakash is also very very fast, when his game comes together. But it's a big 'if'. For outright speed when his head is together it's a cyclone. If not, then it's like skiing with a kid. See the page on Kublai to see how I see it.

This is what P. looked like after trying to find his ski for 30 minutes. Happy. This is what I looked like after trying to find my ski for 30 minutes.    *&%$ed off.

Talk to him at this point and he'll just nod and then start singing The Killers or Oasis, well out of tune. Truly tone deaf. It's murder for me and everyone else. Apparently I'm bad but he still trumps me.

Getting ready to set off. Hopefully take someone out as well if the opportunity presents itself.
Prakash loves the 'camp pilot' look.
When P. is on, he's fast. When he's not, it's a sad sight. What if you owned a Lamborghini that you didn't know if one day to the next if it could hit maximum performance? A bit like Prakash on the slopes then!